Yes, kids and even babies can benefit from acupuncture too!

What is a paediatric acupuncture treatment like?

Acupuncture treatments for kids just go with the flow. We can do treatment in a parent’s lap, sitting on the floor, or on the treatment table. I use special, extra tiny needles. Most kids don’t even feel them. I call them “taps” because what most kids feel is the tap I use to insert the needle, not the needle itself. The needles are inserted and removed quickly so nobody needs to hold still for more than a few seconds and most treatments only take a few minutes. Don’t want to use needles? That’s ok! I have a variety of non-needle options.

How do you do non-needle acupuncture and is it effective?

I have several options for stimulating acupuncture points without needles. Giving kids options is usually the best way to get them on board with treatment.

Electrical point stimulator - I call this one the “tickle machine” because the electrical stimulation feels a bit, well, ticklish! This is my go-to when kids don’t want needles because in many cases it is equally effective.

Laser point stimulator - My laser devices are eye-safe, cold lasers so they are completely safe and you can’t even feel them. There is a growing body of research on the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLL) for all sorts issues. I find it especially useful for skin conditions such as eczema. It’s always easy to get kids on board with this one ‘cause, lasers! How cool is that?

Moxibustion - The most traditional non-needle option is great for kids and adults alike. Moxibustion is the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique of stimulating acupuncture points with gentle heat.

Do you want help your child heal?

Part of what I love about treating kids and babies is providing parents with tools to support their child’s health. Come and see me for a treatment and leave with some simple Paediatric Tuina (acupressure massage) techniques that you can use at home, customised for your child’s unique health concern. It’s empowering to know that you have the ability to support your child’s healing in just a few minutes a day.

Pediatric Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help kids with conditions such as:



GERD/acid reflux



Stomach aches

Immune support

Sleep disorders

Symptoms associated with Autism, ADD and ADHD


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Acupuncture is covered by most extended health care plans and MSP if you qualify for premium assistance. Direct insurance billing is available for participating insurers. To find out if I can bill your insurer directly, please ask.



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